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Da Vinci Code 2 casts angel

The Da Vinci Code 2, aka Angels And Demons, is due out in 2009 and cast just casted its leading lady. Goodbye Audrey Tatou, no thanks Naomi Watts, hello Ayelet Zurer.

Who? Zurer played Eric Bana’s wife in Spielberg’s thriller Munich and will star next to Tom Hanks as Vittoria Vetra, the daughter of a murdered physicist.

The story sees Hanks tracking down a secret society who are plotting to destroy the Vatican with anti-matter. That old chestnut.

Director Ron Howard and scripter Akiva Goldsman have Dan Brown’s novel to play as a sequel to The Da Vinci Code, despite the book taking place before the events of the first film. Brown was apparently too busy swimming in a giant swimming pool of money to be concerned.