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Black Friday Pokemon card deals 2021 - tips on where to start and what to look for this year

Black Friday Pokemon card deals
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

With the game experiencing a new surge of interest, it's not surprising that Black Friday Pokemon card deals are coming out of the woodwork each November. Because they rarely see discounts in general, any price cut is a big deal - it's still one of the best card games around, after all.

To give you a head-start ahead of the sales season this year, we've got some tips on getting the best Black Friday Pokemon card deals below.

Black Friday Pokemon card retailers to watch this year

Black Friday Pokemon card deals - what to expect

Black Friday Pokemon cards

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

When will the Black Friday Pokemon card deals start?

Black Friday is officially slated to kick off this November 26, but that doesn't mean the Black Friday Pokemon card deals will stick to that weekend. The event has 'evolved' (we're so sorry) over the last few years and now gets rolling at least a week beforehand. It also stretches past Cyber Monday. 

What will the best Black Friday Pokemon card deals be?

Because the Trading Card Game so rarely gets discounted, any reductions for Black Friday Pokemon cards is worthwhile - even if it's only slashed by a small amount. In short, don't hesitate if you see any sets on offer.

If you're a newcomer, you should definitely check out the Pokemon Battle Academy box this Black Friday; it's a super effective introduction (apologies, it was too tempting) to the game itself and gives you everything you need to play right away. Because it often gets a price cut and has been reduced during Black Friday before, we'd say to keep an eye on it as we enter the November sales season. 

Where will I find the best Black Friday Pokemon card deals?

Even though Amazon is always a good bet when it comes to Black Friday Pokemon cards, the likes of Walmart (in-store, anyway) are often pretty great in terms of discounts. Unfortunately, everyone's cottoned on to this fact and the shelves are stripped bare pretty fast. That means you'll need to be fast if you want to catch 'em all - OK, fine (we'll stop with the Pokejokes now).

Today's best Pokemon card deals

Black Friday Pokemon cards

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

There's no need to wait until the Black Friday Pokemon cards arrive if you want to save some cash. Although most Pokemon card sets don't see reductions during the year, certain boxes, like Pokemon Battle Academy, do. We've rounded up some of the top offers below.

There are going to be plenty of other offers to choose from this November, including Black Friday board game deals, Black Friday Lego deals, and Dungeons and Dragons Black Friday deals. Take a look if you want some gift-giving inspiration!

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