Beowulf Videos!

Beowulf is currently setting the box office alight around the world. The ancient Saxon legend of heroes and dragons has been brought the screen thanks to the latest digital effects by director Robert (Back to the Future) Zemeckis. 100% CG, with motion captured performances from the likes of Ray Winston, Anthony Hopkins and Robin Wright Penn, it's a fantasy movie like you've never seen before.

Just click on the links below to hear the cast and crew (including the legendary Neil Gaiman who scripted the movie) give their insights into the making of the film.

Beowulf video one – Large

Beowulf video one – Medium

Beowulf video one – Small

Beowulf video one – Even smaller

Beowulf video two – Large

Beowulf video two – Medium

Beowulf video two – Small

Beowulf video two – Even smaller