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How to use Apex Legends Finishers, and the best ones for each character

While it may be easier to shoot a downed player, Apex Legends finishers allow you to show off badass executions and kill enemies with style. Don't do it when the downed player still has teammates shooting at you, because that will interrupt your finisher - wait until your teammates can cover you, then show off your style. Apex Legends is incredibly fast paced and finishers can be used to make your opponent understand just how much better than them you are.

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There's not just one Apex Legend finisher for each Legend either. You can unlock two more legendary finishers through Apex Crates - or craft them with Apex Legends crafting metal - for every Legend, and each one is unique. Pick your favourite and you can start stunting on downed enemies too, providing you can actually shoot them first. Unfortunately, they have to be knocked down - you can't finish someone running around.

How to use Apex Legends Finishers

It’s quite simple, really, if you know how to do it. When you knock a foe into a downed state, you can deploy a Finisher by walking up to them and holding the Finisher button (㉈ on the PS4, X on the Xbox One, and E on the PC), which then initiates the animation which will take them out for good. It’s worth mentioning that you can still be attacked while performing a Finisher, so the action leaves you vulnerable to fire for a few seconds. 

With that in mind, consider whether pulling off a Finisher is worth the danger posed to yourself, when it’s just as easy to terminate a downed enemy with a few potshots from afar. Apex Legends Finishers are super satisfying to pull off, then, but not always worth the risk. Additionally, a lone survivor in a squad will automatically die without getting downed - unless they have a gold Knockdown Shield - so you won’t always have the opportunity to Finish someone during every fight. 

Apex Legends - Every Finisher available so far

Each Legend starts off with their “First Finisher”, which is available to everyone from the beginning of the game. However, the rest - all of which are considered Legendary - will be gated off, unlocked by spending 1200 Crafting Materials (found in Apex Crates obtained upon ranking up) on each. 

Most Legends have three Finishers, but Bangalore and Mirage only have two, though hopefully Respawn plans to flesh them out with a third sometime in the future. Below, you’ll find a list of every Finisher for each Legend, with our own description of what they look like in action. 


First Finisher - A clean and simple throwing knife to the head. 

Clean Kill - A backstab, followed by Bloodhound’s crow landing on his victim’s corpse.

With Honor - Pays respects to his fallen foe by placing their firearm across their chest and performing a quick salute.


First Finisher - Whacks the foe with her taser, but not before performing a cheeky dance move.

Ajay’s Lullaby - Shushes the enemy while slamming a knife into their neck. Creepy. 

D.O.C.’s Shock - D.O.C., Lifeline’s medic robot, will electrocute the enemy to death. 


First Finisher - Gibraltar hits both himself and the enemy with his shovel.

War Cry - A decisive blow to the head with his shield in the style of the Maori Haka.

Force of Gravity - He sits on the enemy, crushing them to death. That is all. 


First Finisher - Performs an arm wave before grappling the enemy’s face with his zipline.

Hi-5 - Pulls the victim with his zipline and gives them a quick hi-five as they fall to the floor.

Iron Haymaker - A swift uppercut punch to the jaw.


First Finisher - Teleports into a sucker punch to the face.

Existential Crisis - A series of flashy punches as she teleports around her victim.

Into the Light - Punches the enemy three times before chucking them into a portal.


First Finisher - Leaves the enemy with a parting gift; a live grenade.

Last Breath - Kills them with a point blank burst of toxic gas.

Strike Three - Three ruthless punches to the head.


First Finisher - Moonwalks, kicks them in the head, and gloats about it.

Pound it, bro - Uses his decoy to knock the enemy out, celebrates with a fist bump.


First Finisher - Fires a rocket straight into the face at point black range. Ouch. 

Reversal of Fortune - Pushes the enemy over, fires a round, and casually walks away. 

And that's every Finisher available in Apex Legends so far! We'll update this page if Respawn decide to tweak with the system or add new Finishers into the mix, but for now, jump into the game, find an enemy to down, and unleash those final blows in true, legendary style. See you on the battlefield, soldier. 

For help actually finding the Apex Legends download on PC, PS4, and Xbox One (it’s surprisingly difficult!), head over to our quick guide.