Among Us-inspired Fortnite Impostors mode goes live for a limited time

Fortnite Impostors
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Impostors, the Among Us inspired mode which is bringing stealth and social deduction to Fortnite for a limited time, is available now.

The new mode launched today and Epic Games laid out all of the details for how to play on its official site (opens in new tab). Fortnite Impostors supports matches of up to 10 players, with 8 players taking roles as hard-working Agents of the Imagined Order and two players becoming murderous Impostors among their ranks.

Much like Among Us, a game of Fortnite Impostors can end one of three ways: either the Agents complete their assignments, the Agents successfully vote out all of the Impostors among their ranks, or the last Agent is eliminated (either directly by an Impostors' hand or by being voted out). Since this is Fortnite, crew member assignments include fixing up the Battle Bus and "calibrating chests and llamas". We don't know what calibrations a llama-shaped pinata requires for optimal performance, but it's clearly important work.

Meanwhile, Impostors have a few more powers to help make up for their limited numbers: they can temporarily disable all Assignments to buy them some more time, teleport everybody in the match around to throw off the trail, and briefly turn everybody into Peely so they can act without fear of being identified.

If you prefer to play just with friends, you'll be able to start a private match with as few as four players (the number of Impostors will automatically scale) but Epic suggests 10-player matches for the best experience. The studio hasn't said how long Fortnite Impostors will stick around, but Fortnite Battle Royale started off as a PUBG-inspired spinoff of Fortnite: Save the World a few years ago, so you never know…

Follow our Fortnite Impostors tips for advice on how to win this new mode as either an Agent or an Impostor.

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