A new Portal-inspired Fall Guys costume is now available

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Those Fall Guys rumours were true – the world's favourite jumping jellybeans have partnered with Valve to introduce new Portal-flavoured costumes to the game, the first being Portal 2's P-Body.

As is typically the case with Fall Guys skins, the top and bottom halves are available separately, and you'll need 5 crowns to grab the top and another 5 to secure the bottom. That means you'll need to have earned 10 – 10! – crowns to sport the complete package… something I can only dream of, it seems (and there's no way for me to cheat, either, as crowns cannot be bought with IRL money!). 

The skin is available for both PC and PS4 players (thanks, PC Gamer).

Last week rumours swirled that a Portal-flavoured crossover was coming, but the dataminer concerned shared images of a Chell-inspired costume, not P-Body. There are also reports of a My Friend Pedro crossover on the cards, too, so watch this space.

The recipient of the coveted Fall Guys "Fallen One" costume has been revealed, and it's streaming extraordinaire DrLupo. Mediatronic recently revealed that it had dropped a special costume into the inventory of the "statistically best" Fall Guys player. In a video shared by DrLupo on Friday, you can see the streamer discovering the costume in his inventory, with the prolific Fall Guys Twitter account responding in its trademark manner.

Fall Guys is publisher Devolver Digital's biggest ever launch. Prior to Fall Guys, Devolver's previously biggest game by player count on Steam was SCUM, which clocked up a little shy of 68,000 players when it launched in 2018.

In spite of the server issues that marred its launch, it's also making huge waves on Steam and remains the biggest game on Twitch by viewer count, second only to the generic all-encompassing category, "Just Chatting". This means that right now, there are more people watching Fall Guys on Twitch than any other game in the world, including Fortnite, GTA V, and League of Legends.

Make sure you check out our Fall Guys tips before the next time you head into the game.

Vikki Blake
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