DrLupo is the Fall Guys "Fallen One"

Fall Guys
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Update: The recipient of the coveted Fall Guys "Fallen One" costume has been revealed, and it's streaming extraordinaire DrLupo.

Mediatonic revealed yesterday that it had dropped a special costume into the inventory of the "statistically best" Fall Guys player. In a video shared by DrLupo on Friday, you can see the streamer discovering the costume in his inventory, with the prolific Fall Guys Twitter account responding in its trademark firebrand manner.

So there you have it folks - DrLupo's the Fall Guy... at least for now. We still don't know what metrics were used to determine the "statistically best" Fall Guys player, but keep waddling your way to victory and one day you could wake up with your own special jelly bean slip-on. 

Original story follows...

If your Fall Guys inventory contains a costume you don't remember earning, it turns out that you could be the "statistically" best player in Mediatonic's battle royale so far.

According to the game's now iconic Twitter account, the studio has "found the player who is statistically the best" and "given them Saturday's costume early."

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Fall Guys

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

The Fall Guys lore is kind of dark

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, even Mediatonic doesn't know who this person (now known as The Fallen One) is, so they can only be identified by revealing themselves online. If it doesn't happen by Saturday, then we'll likely never know.

It's also unclear what is meant by "statistically the best" in a game wrought with chaos. Is it the best win ratio? The most devious plays? Someone who has won every team game as the Yellow team? It's hard to know at this point. 

Mediatonic also hasn't specified what Saturday's new costume is either but judging by the fact the studio is using it as a reward for the GOAT Fall Guys player, it surely has to be a good one. 

In the meantime, the latest set of Fall Guys patch notes have brought the game's Valve crossover outfits to PS4, while removing the possibility of back-to-back team modes from the playlist. If you've read our list of the best Fall Guys minigames, then you'll already know we're thrilled by the amendment. 

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