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Fall Guys patch notes: More fair team games but no auto party spectating just yet

The Fall Guys patch notes for hotfix 2 rolled out early this week, and you can see all the changes right here.

The update includes everything that developer Mediatonic teased over the weekend, with one big exception: you still won't automatically start spectating teammates when you're eliminated. The feature "wasn't quite ready yet," so hopefully we won't need to keep scrolling through randos in spectator mode for much longer.

Aside from that absence, the changes are full of good news for dedicated fallers - especially a change to the round selection algorithm that means team games will only come up if there will be even teams. No more being doomed by a low player count from the start. The Fall Guys update also rolled in with a pair of fixes for Jump Showdown geometry and unintended camera auto-panning, as well as changes that should make it harder to accidentally buy stuff from the in-game store.

Here are the full Fall Guys patch notes, straight from Mediatonic's official Twitter account. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that last one is a joke… probably. 

Fall Guys patch notes for Hotfix 2

  • Tweaked round selection algorithms to select a team game only if the team sizes can be equal
  • [PS4 Only] Added controller options, including Invert X/Y axis and sensitivity settings
  • Slime Climb: players can no longer grab some of the moving obstacles
  • Jump Showdown: changed geometry to prevent a gameplay exploit
  • Jump Showdown: fixed camera auto-panning
  • Improved in-game store purchase dialog to avoid accidental selections
  • Addressed the top 5 most frequent crashes
  • Visual fixes to some of the outfits
  • [PS4 Only] Improved UI performance on non-Pro PS4 models
  • Added option to change the Jump button binding for Japan
  • Trophy/Achievement names and descriptions are now correctly displayed in all supported languages
  • Removed move speed nerf from Yellow Team (Don't post this one)

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Even more big changes are on the way when Fall Guys season 2 begins. 

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