New Fall Guys levels: All of the new Season 2 levels in Fall Guys

Fall Guys Season 2 new levels
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We've had a little while to get the hang of the four new Fall Guys levels that arrived at the start of the current season with a Medieval theme, though another fresh stage has now been thrown into the mix of Fall Guys maps to keep all jelly beans on their toes. These novel stages are a great test of everyone's Fall Guys abilities, and at least to begin with act as a great balancer until players start figuring out the best ways to get through them unscathed. As the jaunty ye olde theme music continues to loop through our brains, here's a rundown covering all five of the new Fall Guys levels, along with everything we know about them.

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New Fall Guys level: Big Fans

Fall Guys Big Fans new level

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Fall Guys Big Fans is the latest addition to the roster, and as the name suggests you have to navigate your way across a series of rotating fans to reach the finish. You'll need to get the timing right to close the gaps between fans to make the jumps between them, and spinning beams on top of the platforms later in the course provide an added complication to slow you down.

New Fall Guys level: Knight Fever

Fall Guys Knight Fever new level

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Fall Guys Knight Fever is an obstacle race, where you'll be facing some seriously tough barriers to slow your progress to the finish line. As well as negotiating your way past the spinning blades and scaling the rotating beams covered in studs to fling you into the abyss, there's just the small matter of avoiding the giant spiked rolling pins sweeping across the platform that have been officially named 'Thicc Bonkus'. Prepare for yeeting.

New Fall Guys level: Wall Guys

Fall Guys Wall Guys new level

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In Fall Guys Wall Guys, you'll need to move chunks of scenery pieces around in order to build steps and ascend to the next area of the level. However, when it's every jellybean for themselves you can be assured of chaotic scenes, as players try to halt their opponents' progress by any means necessary.

New Fall Guys level: Egg Siege

Fall Guys Egg Siege

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The classic Egg Scramble gets a Middle Ages makeover in Fall Guys Egg Siege, where you'll have to contend with moving drawbridges as you try to get those coveted eggs back to your nest. Try not to fall off, otherwise you'll have to pass through the central danger zone to get back up again.

New Fall Guys level: Hoopsie Legends

Fall Guys Hoopsie Legends

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A Medieval update of Hoopsie Daisy, in Fall Guys Hoopsie Legends you have the added option of moveable blocks to help you reach those high-flying rings. The patch notes state this is a solo round but it has been previously shown as a team game, so it's possible both versions are in the rotation.

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