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New Fall Guys level Jump Showdown coming tomorrow

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Update - August 12: The patch containing Jump Showdown was tweaked and delayed at the last minute, Mediatonic said on Twitter, and it's now scheduled for Thursday, August 13. 

"If it passes all of the tests again, we should be confident enough to hit the button tomorrow," the studio said. So if all goes well, we'll be falling through the floor in Jump Showdown in no time. 

Original story: 

New Fall Guys level Jump Showdown will be added tomorrow, Wednesday, August 12. 

It will be the first level added since the release of Fall Guys, and developer Mediatonic says it has more levels "coming soon" as well. Jump Showdown is basically an amped-up version of Jump Club, the level where you and the other beans have to jump over a rotating green stick while ducking under a pink stick rotating at a slightly different speed. In Jump Showdown, both sticks are golden and double-sided, so you'll have to dodge and duck twice as often. 

Not only that, segments of the platform in Jump Showdown will fall away as the match progresses, so all the beans will be corralled together as the match goes on. This will make jumps even tighter and inevitably invite some good-natured grab spam. On top of that, while you can miss a jump in Jump Club and survive being pushed around the platform by the green stick, with more and more holes appearing in Jump Showdown, getting caught by either of the rotating sticks will guarantee a swift elimination. 

Mediatonic says Jump Showdown was one of the most popular levels in the game's beta, so we're curious to see how it feels for ourselves. It'll also be interesting to see if other new Fall Guys levels, particularly the ones coming fairly soon, will continue the trend of adding new challenges to existing levels. 

Tired of team games? Fall Guys may be getting a solo playlist for those who like to work (and play) alone. 

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