Fall Guys guide to help you get that Ultimate Knockout crown

Fall Guys guide
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This Fall Guys guide will help you learn the ins and outs of the Ultimate Knockout competition. You'll need to battle your way through treacherous obstacles and devious minigames if you're to win against your rival beans. We'll cover everything we know about the game that might help you win, although we offer no guarantees – let's face it, a game about 60 little roly poly characters fighting for space in a world full of questionable physics doesn't necessarily favour skill. If you're also looking to squad up with friends - even those on other platforms - we've got advice for sorting split screen and crossplay too. Here's everything you need to know about Fall Guys and hopefully help you get to that podium and take home the crown.

Tips for winning the Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys tips

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There are now 29 different rounds in total, and all of them have particular strategies that can increase your chances of winning, or at least surviving. We've gathered a set of Fall Guys tips to help get you through anything the game throws at you.

Is there crossplay?

Fall Guys

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With all of the players spread across PS4 and PC, it's possible that some of your friends will be battling it out on a different format. We look at the current situation with Fall Guys crossplay and see what news there is about future developments with this feature.

Can you play on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch?

Fall Guys Halo

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Xbox and Switch players, rejoice! With the recent soft reboot of the game, Fall Guys Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions have arrived, allowing you to download and play the game on these devices. PS5 and Xbox Series X also have access to this new version of the game, so Fall Guys is on a lot of platforms now!

Do you need PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold to play?

Fall Guys Ratchet and Clank event

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If want to check out Fall Guys, which is now free-to-play, you might be wondering 'do you need PS Plus to play Fall Guys'? The same goes for any Xbox players wondering about needing an Xbox Live Gold membership. Get all the information you need to know through our guide.

Split screen

Fall Guys

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With the large selection of quirky mini-games on offer, this battle royale makes the perfect party game, and there's already the option to invite friends into your squad. If you're looking for Fall Guys split screen to get some couch co-op going, we've got the latest information.

How to dive

Fall Guys

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You may have seen other players flinging themselves about the place, and wondered how to dive in Fall Guys. If that's the case then wonder no more, as we explain the controls and the benefits of leaping.

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