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Fall Guys split screen: Is Fall Guys two player or does it have local multiplayer?

Fall Guys split screen: Is Fall Guys two player or have local multiplayer?
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

You're here because you're trying to find out if you can play Fall Guys split screen or in two player local multiplayer. It's the perfect game for some sort of friendly couch co-op mode, whether that's split screen multiplayer, pass the pad, or some other two player magic. Fall Guys would seem like the perfect game to share with a friend given the screaming anarchy of trying to win/stay upright. After all, if you curse at the screen when you lose and no one was there to hear it, did you really curse at all? Here are all the details on Fall Guys local multiplayer or split screen modes.

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Can you play Fall Guys split screen?

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Unfortunately, Fall Guys has launched without any local multiplayer, split screen, or couch co-op support. But that doesn't mean it won't happen! Mediatonic has addressed the frequently requested topic in their official Fall Guys FAQ, stating that split screen support will be "put forward as an option", alongside some other highly asked-for features like Fall Guys crossplay and Fall Guys Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

In another, separate answer on the FAQ, the topic of private lobbies in offline multiplayer is also addressed. "Fall Guys is best played with 40-60 players, and we've been focusing on the online multiplayer experience," reads the answer, before explaining that the idea can be suggested as a feature on the official Fall Guys Discord server. Some alterations to the minigames would have to be made for it to still be enjoyable with fewer players, but it would no doubt be a welcome addition. Fall Guys esports competitions, anyone? 

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