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Since release, many have been wondering: will Fall Guys be on Xbox or Nintendo Switch consoles in the future? Releasing initially on the PS4 and PC to widespread acclaim, further demand means that Fall Guys has now got an official port for both the Xbox and Nintendo Switch soon to come, with players able to experience the game properly on every major console. We'll explain when Fall Guys will be on the Xbox and Switch below, with details on the ports' release dates and features clear for everybody below.

When is Fall Guys coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch?

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Falls Guys: Ultimate Knockout has released on the Xbox and Nintendo Switch on June 21 2022, as part of the simultaneous launch of the Season 1 "Free for All" reset/reboot... thing that Fall Guys is engaging in. After two years of abstaining from these consoles, it's now finally getting ported over to both of them and will be playable very soon.

Not only that, these versions, from what we understand, will have the Fall Guys crossplay element that's existed in previous versions of the game, done by logging into an Epic Games account that crosses over between platforms and can be used to join friends. However, it's not granting every feature that people have been looking for - Fall Guys split screen has yet to appear, and may be slated for a future release if it ever shows up. Still, considering that Mediatonic have made a real point of listening to fan feedback and adjusting the game accordingly, it seems more than likely that we'll see it added as part of some future update or season to come.

It's also worth mentioning that Fall Guys won't just be on Xbox and Switch, but it will be free to play on them, a change made across all platforms - now Fall Guys has the free-to-play model, where the game is free to all, but there's Season Passes and other downloadable content within the game.

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