Fall Guys minigames ranked: All the games, from worst to best

Fall Guys now has 25 minigames and each one is a colourful, legume-filled bundle of hilarity. Not all of them are perfect though; despite Fall Guys' wholesomeness, there are some games which are downright infuriating and boring, while others offer a refreshing, unique take on the multiplayer minigame. So, without further ado, here are all of the Fall Guys minigames ranked in order, as voted for by the GamesRadar team.

Note: Jump Club and Jump Showdown have been combined due to Jump Showdown's newness and their similarity. 

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24. Fall Ball

Fall Guys Fall Ball

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Alright, we get it. This list is already starting off controversial, because there's certainly an element of skill when it comes to Fall Ball. The answer may well be to "git gud", but when you're on a team with beans that have the coordination of a drunk person wading through a swamp trying not to get their kebab dirty, it's infuriating. Then there's the fact that Fall Guys will sometimes select Fall Ball with an odd number of players remaining, resulting in one team (and it's always the team you're on, let's be honest) starting one bean down. 

23. Egg Scramble

Fall Guys Egg Scramble

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

The concept for Egg Scramble is fine. Pretty good, in fact! But in reality, this minigame is just boring. If your team doesn't start well, the other two teams with most of the eggs automatically gang up on the team with the least, simply because the top two teams will progress anyway so they have nothing to lose. Plus it's a serious pain in the butt trying to jump out of those nests; get rid of the stairs, Mediatonic, and make it a ramp instead! 

22. Hoarders

Fall Guys Hoarders

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Hoarders has one glaring problem; only the balls right at the end of the timer matter, instead of the cumulative time your team has from having balls throughout the match. Each match is way too long because it's far too easy to lose a ball from your zone, making the first minute or so essentially pointless. Instead, Hoarders should give your team one point per second for every ball in your zone. That way, there's something to play for throughout, rather than only the final 30 seconds mattering. In its present state, however, it sits disappointingly near the bottom of this list. 

21. Team Tail Tag

Fall Guys Team Tail Tag

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Have you noticed that all the worst minigames so far have been team-focused? There's a trend brewing… Team Tail Tag has the same problem as most of the other team games; you can't rely on your teammates not to be useless. There is admittedly an element of individual skill here, in that swiping a tail from an opponent isn't an easy task, but you can only do so much while you watch your total tails tick down. We already have a solo Tail Tag mode, we don't need this one too! Speaking of which... 

20. Tail Tag

Fall Guys Tail Tag

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

It may be more enjoyable than the team-based variant, but only marginally. The swiping mechanics need some work (beans definitely don't have arms long enough to pull off some of the grabs I've witnessed), while other times I've been practically hugging someone and not nicked their tail — but the concept is fine. It would definitely work better in an offline scenario though, because lag and online connection issues can be a serious hindrance here. 

19. Jinxed

Fall Guys Jinxed

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Jinxed just about makes it into the top 20 but, again, it has a lot of the same issues as Team Tail Tag. It's far too common to see your team's survivors deplete at an alarming rate because the other team have apparently got Usain Bolt jinxing your beans, while your randomly selected jinxer doesn't know their left from their right. Thankfully, the grabbing mechanics don't seem to be as big of an issue here compared to in tail-based games.

18. Royal Fumble

Fall Guys Royal Fumble

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

After both of the other tail games were ranked so poorly, Royal Fumble wasn't going to be too far away. Where this mode exceeds compared to the other two, however, is the fact there is only one tail in play. If you're lucky enough to start with the tail, your goal is simple; run in an unpredictable fashion, so the small horde of beans chasing you can't block your path. The frantic nature of Royal Fumble, having to be constantly moving, thus makes this slightly better than the other two tail games. 

17. Slime Climb

Fall Guys Slime Climb

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

A standard obstacle course where you have to flee from the rising slime? Slime Climb should be brilliant in theory, but it doesn't quite play out that way. It usually appears way too early in an episode, which means there's 40+ beans racing through the course. It's absolute carnage, basically, and unless you're at the front of the pack from the get-go and can pull off the shortcut on the first corner (you know the one), you're stuck with the masses and everything is out of your control. Slime Climb wipes out way too many players in one go and should appear much later, as the fourth or fifth minigame. 

16. Perfect Match

Fall Guys Perfect Match

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Perfect Match is the ultimate haven for trolls. The concept is possibly the simplest in the entire game and it's super easy to survive through, but the reason it's not higher is a combination of rude beans pushing other players off… that, and how boring it can be. Even if you don't know which square to stand on, just rush to the one with the most players and chances are you'll make it. There should be moving obstacles involved as well, simply so more players are eliminated on this stage. 

15. Block Party

Fall Guys Block Party

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Block Party isn't particularly innovative — all you have to do is dodge the incoming walls — and that's ultimately what lets it down. Like Perfect Match, it's just a bit dull, and rather easy. If you get eliminated here, chances are you just got blocked by another bean rather than a genuine misplay on your part.  

14. Tip Toe

Fall Guys Tip Toe

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

We're starting to get to the ones that are genuinely quite good now, and Tip Toe teeters on the edge of the line. It's a clever concept that unfortunately plays a little too slowly and relies too much on luck to be a top tier Fall Guys minigame. There's always a crowd of beans hesitant to make the push onto the next platform, but going on a streak of correct platforms can make you feel like a god. Again though, your round can be ruined by one inconsiderate bean pushing others off the edge. 

13. Rock n' Roll

Fall Guys Rock n Roll

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

A team game that's actually quite fun? It's true, Rock n Roll is much more satisfying to play than the other team-based games because there's a lot less luck involved. There's also two roles involved here; you can either stay and push the ball through the obstacle course, or you can sprint forward to the end, then wait to block another team's ball. A single bean can cause a ball to seriously slow down at the end, although it is infuriating when an entire team is in front of your ball. 

12. Hoopsie Daisy

Fall Guys Hoopsie Daisy

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Hoopsie Daisy can, once again, be aggravating when you have a bad team. The upside comes in how simple but ingenious the idea is here. Jumping and diving through hoops is a laugh, and it's always funny when you see someone leap from the top of one of the ramps, only to bash their noggin against the rim and fall down ashamed. Plus you can earn some serious style points here, which earns it extra favour as far as we're concerned. 

11. Roll Out

Fall Guys Roll Out

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Roll Out takes the decent part of Block Party - dodging incoming obstacles - and makes it more engaging thanks to the addition of five alternating, rotating platforms. It adds another level of complexity, having to balance your direction along with dodging the blocks and gaps. Again though, if you're grabbed by another bean in Roll Out, kiss your hopes and dreams for a clean victory goodbye. 

10. Jump Club/Jump Showdown

Fall Guys Jump Club

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

We're into the top 10 now, and this is where it gets interesting. Jump Club (and the newly added Jump Showdown, which is very similar) is typical gameshow fun, because all you've got to do is jump over the rotating beams and dodge the gaps. Jump Showdown is more complex since Jump Club doesn't have the gaps, but it's also possible to completely checkmate yourself on an isolated platform.  

9. Fruit Chute

Fall Guys Fruit Chute

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fruit Chute can often be the most rewarding minigame in Fall Guys... if you get incredibly lucky. A common tactic is to channel your inner Chirrut Îmwe and strut forwards muttering "I am one with the force and the force is with me", because the treadmill belt pushing against you means it is slow to reach the end. If you get clattered in the face by an oversized banana, you're instantly on the back foot. But if you do pull it off and qualify, the sense of achievement is enormous. 

8. Fall Mountain

Fall Guys Fall Mountain

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Ah, Fall Mountain. The fact this is only ever played as the final round does it a huge favour, because it would be carnage with 12+ players. This is essentially all about skill — as long as you start in the front row — because if you execute a perfect path to the crown, chances are you'll win. Just don't be the numpty that jumps for the crown while it's ascending because you'll almost certainly faceplant into the floor below. 

7. Door Dash

Fall Guys Door Dash

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

British players will have a special appreciation for Door Dash thanks to Takeshi's Castle, because this is almost identical to the cult classic game show. There's a lot of luck involved here because if you hit a fake door, you better believe you're getting stuck in the bottleneck that will ensue, but it's such a good laugh that it can't be ranked any worse than this. Plus if you time it right, you can leap over the gaggle of beans trying to squeeze through the final door to the top below, which looks incredibly heroic. 

6. Gate Crash

Fall Guys Gate Crash

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

A similar concept to Door Dash, but instead of fake doors, you've got gates that periodically open and close. This is a tad better because there's more skill involved in timing your rushes through each gate, plus if you jump over each ascending gate and bump the top you receive a cheeky boost. Better yet, the slide to the finish line is rapid, providing you time your jump correctly! 

5. Hit Parade

Fall Guys Hit Parade

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

As classic as it can possibly get, Hit Parade is Total Wipeout in video game form. You've got balance beams, turntables, swinging balls, and a slippery slope to climb, Being knocked off isn't the end for you as you can rush back up to the top section, it's simply a case of who can reach the end first. It's pretty much all skill, no luck, so your Fall Guys mettle will seriously be tested here. 

4. See Saw

Fall Guys See Saw

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

I can smell the controversy already, but the fact of the matter is that See Saw is a great minigame… as long as you understand simple physics. The aspect that ruins See Saw is just players who don't know that piling on to one side of a seesaw will make it tilt, causing everyone to fall off. See Saw isn't bad, the only challenge is getting competing beans to actually work together in order to reach the end, because you need teamwork if you don't want to be sat twiddling your thumbs waiting for beans to stop leaping onto an almost vertical seesaw. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all. 

3. Dizzy Heights

Fall Guys Dizzy Heights

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Another classic, Dizzy Heights is brilliant if you can get some momentum behind you. Soaring through the air from one spinning platform to the next feels great and while it's simple, it absolutely works. It's admittedly one of the easier races to complete, but there's nothing wrong with that when you need to go fast and furious. 

2. The Whirlygig

Fall Guys The Whirlygig

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

The minigame that wins the award for best name and takes the silver medal in the full list is The Whirlygig, which is the windmill level. Yep, you know the one: the gauntlet riddled with spinning blades to dodge, long enough that one set back isn't the end of the world, and that windmill that will always yeet you to the side routes no matter what. Whirlygig's paths are wide enough that even having 40+ players on this level isn't an issue, making it the best obstacle course in Fall Guys so far.  

1. Hex-A-Gone

Fall Guys Hex-A-Gone

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Could anything else have been in the number one spot? Hex-A-Gone is so fiendishly simple, yet offers so many ways to master it. Do you sprint around as fast as you can, eliminating tiles so other players have nothing to do but fall? Or do you stand on each one for a second before hopping to the next in a slow and methodical manner, reducing the amount of tiles you have to stand on? Or, for a third, curveball playstyle, do you fall all the way to the final layer then start running in a spiral from the middle outwards, so everyone who eventually makes it down to you will expect another level but instantly hit the slime instead? Hex-A-Gone is one of the only minigames that gives the player the freedom to play how they like and it's a pure joy every time it shows up on the playlist. 

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