PlayStation Network delivers the goods

The main new draw for the PS3 online store is the inclusion of PSone games for PSP. Yes, you can now use your PS3 to (stick with us here) download PSone games to your PSP - or rather an early cluster of first-party Sony "classics," with plenty of other titles to follow. See the tracklist over there for current details. The good news is that the system works well, games cost $5.99 each (we're holding out hope for a £2.99 UK price) and downloading only takes about half an hour (for the 535Mb of Tekken 2, for example).

Interestingly, rather than download to your PS3, you’re required to plug in your PSP via USB before starting the download. After a brief check to see that you’ve got version 3.02 firmware running (but no, the system isn’t smart enough to give you this firmware if you haven’t got it) the game begins to download and, once complete, it fires it over the USB connection so it appears on your PSP’s card in the Game menu. Meanwhile back on your PlayStation 3’s menu, there’s no sign that the game was ever there.


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