Pics of Gemma Arterton looking hot at Bond premiere

We’ll be honest. This started off as a general ‘Quantum of Solace’ premiere pictures news piece. But as we narrowed down our selection, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to get rid of even one photo that captured even a glimpse at Gemma Arterton. Sorry.

To balance out our adolescent crushes and pre-emptively strike accusations of sexism, we’ve included a stack of photos of Daniel Craig too.

Unfortunately he’s wearing a bit more than her (probably a wise idea, given it was freezing in London last night) but we’ve been assured by the women in the office that Daniel in a tuxedo is just as appealing as him emerging from the waters in Casino Royale wearing nothing but his trunks. Go figure.

Moving on, a number of other celebrities attended last nights Quantum of Solace premiere, including Robbie Coltrane, Prince Harry and Prince William, Dame Judy Dench, Mayor Boris Johnson and Mark Forster. See them all in our gallery to the right.


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