Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Horseshoe Guide

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Deep in the bowels of Las Venturas await 50 horseshoe collectibles. Finding all 50 gives CJ a nice cash reward, maximum Luck and spawns the following weapons in front of The Four Dragons Casino:

-Combat Shotgun
-Satchel Charges

Note: Some of the horseshoes are in high places and can only be reached by flying. If you want to collect all the horseshoes without cheating, completing the mission %26ldquo;Green Goo%26rdquo; will cause a jetpack to spawn next to your safe-house at Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard.

Shoe 1: Under the Las Venturas sign next to the road.

Shoe 2: On the inside of the fence, next to the warehouse.

Shoe 3: Next to the C-shaped building.

Shoe 4: Center of the circular courtyard.

Shoe 5: Behind the Sumo building, across from Chuckup.

Shoe 6: In one of the loading bays.

Shoe 7: On top of the triangular building.

Shoe 8: Under the freeway.

Shoe 9: On the west side of the airport.

Shoe 10: Between the airstrip and some shipping containers.

Shoe 11: Northern end of the airfield.

Shoe 12: On the roof of the casino.

Shoe 13: On top of some shipping containers.

Shoe 14: On top of a wall near a restaurant.

Shoe 15: Near the door of a house.

Shoe 16: In a window ledge on top of the house.

Shoe 17: In the swimming pool.

Shoe 18: In the tennis courts.

Shoe 19: Near the garages.

Shoe 20: Next to the base of the billboards.

Shoe 21: On the very top of the skyscraper.

Shoe 22: In a walled off area on the ground level.

Shoe 23: On the roof of the building near the power lines.

Shoe 24: By the green fence near the motel.

Shoe 25: On the upper level of one of the motels.

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