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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Horseshoe Guide

Shoe 26: On the roof of the building.

Shoe 27: On the fountain near the Visage.

Shoe 28: In front of the skull display.

Shoe 29: On the lower section of the roof of the Four Dragons Casino.

Shoe 30: Near a house in the middle of the block.

Shoe 31: Behind the northeastern-most house of the block.

Shoe 32: On top of the Come-A-Lot sign.

Shoe 33: On top of the church.

Shoe 34: On a dumpster behind the southern building.

Shoe 35: On a balcony of the building.

Shoe 36: On top of one of the spires.

Shoe 37: On top of The Camel’s Toe pyramid building.

Shoe 38: On top of the archway near the wedding chapel.

Shoe 39: In the parking garage.

Shoe 40: On top of the Clowns Pocket building.

Shoe 41: In an alley behind the Starfish Casino.

Shoe 42: Up by the Venturas Steaks Drive-Thru sign.

Shoe 43: On the balcony near the ZIP store.

Shoe 44: On top of the billboard.

Shoe 45: In front of the large casino sign.

Shoe 46: On top of the Erotic Wedding Chapel.

Shoe 47: In the underground train tunnel.

Shoe 48: In the swimming pool.

Shoe 49: On the eastern side of the compound.

Shoe 50: On the north side of the fuel plant.