Darksiders II: Book of the Dead Pages, Stones, Gnomes and collectibles guide

Maps and more to help you locate every Boatman Coin, Book of the Dead Page, Stone, Relic, Scroll, and Gnome


Relic of Etu-Goth #11

(Lostlight) This relic is behind the tree right next to Vulgrim.

Boatman Coin #74

(Lostlight) This coin is just south of the Death Tomb.

Stone of Mystics #25

(Lostlight) Just above the Death Tomb door.

Book of the Dead Page #27

(Lostlight) Check behind the circular platform’s south pillar.

The Crystal Spire

Relic of Renagoth #6

(The Crystal Spire) Ride to the south-eastern-most point of The Crystal Spire.

Stone of Mystics #26

(The Crystal Spire) On the sword of the first statue south of the Serpent Tome.

Boatman Coin #75

(The Crystal Spire) Very close to where Nathaniel stands.

Stone of Mystics #27

(The Crystal Spire) On the sword of the statue north of the Serpent Tome.

Stone of Power #15

(The Crystal Spire, upper) Just above the head of a statue on the upper level.

Boatman Coin #76

(The Crystal Spire, upper) In the ruined section, just to the right of the Stone of Power #15.


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