City of Villains expands

Comic book fans, unite! City of Villains has expanded with the release of Issue 7: Destiny Manifest, which is available online now to players at no cost. Publisher NCSoft is celebrating the release by allowing gamers who used to subscribe to the game to rejoin for a free trial of the new content, ending this weekend.

It's a good time to jump back in. Issue 7 includes 300 new missions, including the very villainous Mayhem Missions and the PvP battleground Recluse's Victory, wherein goody-goodies from City of Heroes fight with the bad guys for control of a future-era Atlas Park.

Some upgrades spill over to City of Heroes as well. In addition to an art upgrade, veteran players will spot some tweaks in the interface, and costume options that were once only available to the dark side are unlocked for the forces of good too.

Take a peek at the launch trailer (by clicking on that movies tab above) and visit for more info. 

June 7, 2006



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