Assassin's Creed Templar and Flag Guide

Jan 11, 2007

Guide text written by: Jeff Kennedy and Paul Ryan

Winners find all 60 Templar and 420 flags in Assassin's Creed. Don't try to argue, just accept it, download our jumbo-sized guide and start breezing your way to 100% completion. If you saw the Flag Guide we released in December, you'll be happy to see that we've updated the format and added every Templar in the game. Each Templar is marked on the map and matched with a description of his location and a strategy for getting an expert stealth kill. Next month, look for our update where we actually go to each of your houses, load up your saved games, find everything for youand cook you dinner based on authentic medieval cuisine.

Clickhere to get the guide for the entire game in one great big super-guide download, or look through the article to find the guides to the areas that are right for you.

Mysaf Guide -Download
Note: there are no Templar in Mysaf.