Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 100% Synch Memory Sequence video guide

Each memory sequence in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood has specific requirements that have to be met before you can reach100% completion. When you do, you'll have access to someinteresting cheats in the memory options, whichrange from turning all your Assassin recruits female, making every strike an execution and even turning horses intounicorns. Really, who doesn’t want to ride around on unicorns?

Belowis allthe information you need,with video, on how to 100% each and every storyline memory. We know you're just dying to run around Rome looking like Desmond, so read on to get all the cheats you need to be the ultimate badass!

SEQUENCE 1: Peace at Last

100% Reward: Ride the Unicorn

Turns all horses into unicorns and electrically charges all weapons.

There are 8 memories in the first sequence, but none of them require an objective to reach 100% synchronization. Simply play through each memory and you will automatically get 100% and the ability to use the Ride the Unicorn cheat.