GTA 5 PC mod list - the best, the worst, the weirdest

The GTA 5 PC mods you need


With all these mods you should take care when using them online as Rockstar has yet to clarify the policy on usage and potential bans.

Fly a UFO with Object Spooner


Script Hook V


Onsby's Angry Planes

Update: Angry Planes apparently hid some nasty malware in its code. If you already grabbed it, make sure you uninstall the mod and check this forum thread for instructions on how to remove the keylogger. Then change your passwords!

And you thought Angry Birds was bad. The Angry Planes mod from onsby means the skies are packed with pilots who all really, really hate you. Planes will swoop out of the sky to target you and fire missiles in your direction. The maximum number of planes in the sky at once is 50. Good luck running from this lot. Take a look at the explosive action in the video below from Fredwalkthough and download the mod here. Again this requires Alexander Blades Script Hook V.

Pedestrian Rioting from Trumple


Script Hook



Ragdoll/Limp On Demand 1.2

Sure Michael, Trevor and Franklin are in Tyrannicon's video but the star is Sakratt's Ragdoll/Limp On Demand 1.2 . It lets you trigger the game's ragdoll physics system at anytime with a tap of 'U', even inside cutscenes. There's enough comedy value from this one features alone that I kinda want to play through the entire game again just to make people collapse at the best possible moments.

Alexander Blade's Script Hook



Animal swapping in Alexander Blade's Script Hook

a molotov-wielding terror cat


LingOn's Superpowered Trainer



ECB2's snow mod



DrDaxxy's GTA 5 FOV mod: 85 Aiming

If youre looking for something a little less dramatic but no less impressive then Reddit user DrDaxxy has created a mod that allows you to fully customise your field of view in first person. This means you can take in as much of the ultra-detailed Los Santos as you want, delivering a much bigger aspect ratio than the previous 45 to 55. Take a look at the comparisons in the next few slides to see the effect when both aiming and on foot. You can download the mod and read its associated warnings here

GTA V PC Blinkers mod

If you want to stay on the ground, an indicators mod from Rustic7 means you can be a considerate driver and let everyone know when you're about to veer right during a dangerous police escape. In a nice touch, you can even see the indicators from inside when you are in first person mode.

Hydraulics 1.0 GTA 5 PC mod