Wilson Fisk celebrates 60 years of Daredevil by reclaiming his mantle as the Kingpin

Daredevil #8 interior art
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Daredevil #8 is also Daredevil #670 by so-called Legacy numbering. And while #670 may seem like a strange milestone to celebrate, this oversized issue actually marks Daredevil's 60th anniversary in the Marvel Universe.

And with that anniversary comes the return of Daredevil's fiercest foe, Wilson Fisk, to the mantle of the Kingpin after a couple years in self-professed retirement. Here's how it goes down.

Spoilers ahead for Daredevil #8/#670

Throughout Daredevil #670 by writer Saladin Ahmed, artist Aaron Kuder, color artist Jesus Aburtov, and letterer Clayton Cowles, Matt Murdock and Elektra team up as co-Daredevils to track down the Heat, the seemingly massive gang that's been invading Hell's Kitchen with an apparently endless stream of new members. 

While Elektra and Matt track down more members of the Heat, they find themselves face-to-face with none other than Bullseye - the man who once killed Elektra and who has bedeviled Matt for years. Bullseye fights them both nearly to a standstill before abruptly surrendering while pulling out his cellphone to record the encounter.

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As the police arrive, Matt and Elektra stand gobsmacked as they welcome Bullseye into the passenger seat of one of their cars rather than arresting him, revealing that the reason the Heat never seems to run out of members is that the police (AKA "the heat" in slang terms) are releasing them off the streets whenever they're arrested. 

Before Bullseye departs, he instructs the Daredevils to meet him at a specific place and time. When they eventually sneak into the theater where Bullseye has told them to meet, they discover dozens if not hundreds of members of the Heat are gathered. 

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Bullseye emcees the unlikely event in a white sport coat looking like a tech mogul introducing a new product. But rather than a product or app, Bullseye introduces none other than Wilson Fisk, who appears on a huge screen to reclaim his mantle as New York City's Kingpin of crime, announcing his unretirement.

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Kingpin retired in early 2022, literally sailing into the sunset to live on Krakoa with his wife Typhoid Mary, who is of course a mutant. Since the fall of Krakoa, Kingpin and Mary have returned to New York, aiding the mutant resistance who are being hunted by Orchis. But now it seems he's ready to turn his eye back onto the streets of Hell's Kitchen. 

The story continues in May 8's Daredevil #9.

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