5 reasons why Mark Wahlberg will make an awesome Nathan Drake

Marky Mark’s gonna play everyone’s favourite treasure hunter, you say?! Brilliant

During a recent interview,Mark Wahlberg confirmed he%26rsquo;s going to star as Nathan Drake in the movie version of Uncharted. A geek tragedy on thescale of Bill Shatner dying from a small fall in Star Trek: Generations, the news sent the interwebs into impotent fury. Honestly, we don%26rsquo;t know what everyone%26rsquo;s moaning about. It's not as if Marky Mark doesn't have experience of starring in video game movies. Hello, Max Payne? He%26rsquo;s also an Oscar-nominated actor. So here are five (almost completely tongue-in-cheek free) reasons why the lord of the FunkyBunch will make an ace Nate.

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