Your chance to quiz Mark Sheppard

What question would you like actor Mark Sheppard to answer?

He plays a key role in the final episode of Battlestar Galactica which aired last week, but he's also in Dollhouse at the moment as well as the new sci-fi videogame The Conduit, and non-genre shows like Leverage. Mark Sheppard has been in more of our favourite shows than we could list here without causing the site to topple over. And he's agreed to answer your questions!

So if you want to know what it was like in the last days of Battlestar, discover how he found working with Joss Whedon again on Dollhouse, ask him any anecdotes about all the people he's worked with, or just find out what he's going to be in next, send us your questions and we’ll put them to him.

You can leave your questions in the comment thread on our website below (no registration required) or by email to the editor . We'll put it all together and ask the man himself on your behalf.

Get your questions to us by the end of the week and we'll collect them all up and ping them over to Mark to look at. We interviewed him here and here recently. But now it's over to you!