Your D&D party could be official Lego minifigures soon

LEGO Dungeons & Dragons, with a beholder battling adventurers in a dungeon
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9 am GMT, March 19: As if we had cast a Wish spell, our dreams of a Lego D&D collaboration are coming true! You will be able to add Dungeons & Dragons Lego to your collection when it releases April 1 (and no, that's not an April Fool's Day prank).
We have a few hours to wait until we receive any further info on the set but between the teaser images of gelatinous cubes and the alleged D&D Lego leaks, it seems like both Lego fans and Dungeons and Dragons fans are in for a real treat.

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- Abigail Shannon, Tabletop & Merch Writer

If the internet rumor-mill is to be believed, we're getting official Lego D&D minifigure packs later this year. 

Basically, you should be able to replace heroes and villains of the best tabletop RPGs with little brick people before 2024 is out. According to reliable leaker Falcon Bricks, Lego D&D minifigures should be turning up as of September via individual blind bags. Reddit's Clay_Bricks (another leaker that's often on the money) is reporting the same thing. Both name the adventurers and characters who are going to feature in the range, including iconic baddie Strahd Von Zarovich and a mindflayer. 

We've listed everything that's included below, with a slash whenever there's disagreement over what a minifigure will be. Either way, Clay_Bricks notes in their Reddit post's comment section that none of the minifigs' bodies are going to show skin (apart from the birdfolk aarakocra, anyway). That means you can easily swap heads or accessories out if you want to use them for something else, or combine them with some of the best Lego sets. The Lego Lion Knights' Castle, perhaps? In much the same way, most seem to come with feminine and masculine heads.

What's more, each minifigure will cost $4.99. If previous sets are anything to go by, I'd guess at the UK price being £3.49.

  • Mindflayer + Intellect Devourer
  • Strahd + sword + goblet + rat
  • Tasha the With Queen + cauldron + book
  • Szass Tam + skull
  • The Lady of Pain + cube
  • Tiefling Sorcerer + pseudodragon
  • Dragonborn Paladin + shield + mace
  • Aarakocra Ranger + bow + dog
  • Dwarf Barbarian + war axe + torch
  • Githyanki Warlock + 'Eye Staff' + knife
  • Halfling Druid + bird + staff
  • Halfling/half-elf Bard + lute + sword

Some of the most famous class and species combinations are included here (dragonborn Paladin, anyone?), as are memorable foes from Dungeons and Dragons books. Strahd is often held up as one of the franchise's best antagonists, for example, while Szass Tam has been causing adventurers trouble for decades. He even jumped to the silver screen with an appearance in the recent D&D movie.

Tasha and the Lady of Pain are equally interesting additions. The former is behind the 'Tasha's Hideous Laughter' spell, while the latter is the face of the Planescape setting.

There's one major omission here, of course – Vecna. He's practically D&D royalty, so the fact he's not included would imply a second wave with even more characters and adventurer options. We can but hope, anyway; now that the Medieval Town Square has been unveiled, my dream of having a full Lego D&D setup is one step closer

In other D&D Lego news, there's talk about the Ideas set that was greenlit a while back hitting shelves soon. Clay_Bricks notes in a post that it's due this April, will feature 3,745 pieces, and should cost around $359.99. (Thanks, Brick Fanatics.)

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