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Xbox Video lets you search by plot and mood

Finding shows and movies to watch on Xbox Video is set to become much more intuitive thanks to a new partnership announced this morning. Entertainment search engine Jinni will add new methods of finding programs based on viewing history and mood to Microsoft's entertainment system.

Jinni lets users search not just by title or genre, but by "movie genome" elements like plot, mood, cast, and more. For instance, a search for "Kids Playing" yields Toy Story 3 and Up, whereas a search for "Kid 'n Play" yields House Party 1 through 3.

Combining Jinni's means of finding videos with Xbox Video's existing library and voice search features will make the service more user-friendly than ever before, Xbox General Manager Dave Alles said in a press release.

“Our goal is to make it effortless to get you to entertainment you’ll truly love," Alles said. " Pairing Jinni’s Entertainment Genome with other key advances such as Conversational Understanding, makes finding something to watch on Xbox as fun as watching it.”

Connor Sheridan
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