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X019 won't have any Xbox Project Scarlett news, says Microsoft

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft have confirmed that Project Scarlett won't be at X019.

This was confirmed by Microsoft's head of Xbox Games marketing Aaron Greenberg on Twitter, who was asked whether X019 would feature any news on Xbox Project Scarlett as Microsoft's last major event of 2019. "Next year is all about Scarlett", confirmed Greenberg, "#X019 is all about the games!".  

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Greenberg's statement is interesting in light of recent rumours surrounding X019's upcoming announcements, which will apparently include a new next-gen IP from Rare (of Banjo-Kazooie and Sea of Thieves fame), in addition to a brand new project by Obsidian Entertainment, the newly acquired Xbox first-party studio who only just released The Outer Worlds last month. 

The existence of Xbox Series X, Microsoft's next-gen successor to the Xbox One, has been public knowledge for quite some time now, with the company already having confirmed that the console will be releasing in Holiday 2020 with Halo Infinite as a launch title.

On the other side of the next-gen battle lines, Sony has been slowly dripfeeding more information about its own new console in the works, the PS5, including a similarly timed release window of Holiday 2020. Even so, don't expect any more news from either company until next year, when promotion will begin to ramp up on the future of interactive entertainment. 

In the meantime, we'll be covering all of the biggest announcements out of X019, so stay tuned to GamesRadar to keep up to date with Microsoft's latest extravaganza. 

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