Wolverine 2 clawing in Darren Aronofsky?


Darren Aronofsky’s new ballistic ballet flick Black Swan is heading to the Venice Film Festival tomorrow, but the director is reportedly swinging his attention onto an altogether more impressive movie beast: Wolverine.

According to Deadline , the director could be interested in re-teaming with Hugh Jackman - who he worked with on The Fountain - for Wolverine’s second solo outing.

Jackman is apparently keen on Aronofsky taking the helm. Considering the actor’s got a fair amount of creative control over the sequel, we imagine the mullet-chopped one will get whomever he wants.

Not that he’s hedging his bets. Jackman has also met with David Slade, who most recently gave the Twilight Saga a boost with Eclipse . Red director Robert Schwentke, who was also being courted, has officially dropped out.

Obviously Wolverine 2 would be a very unusual project for Aronofsky to take on, seeing as it’s a big budget studio picture – something that he’s usually avoided. But will working with Jackman again tip the scales?

After criticisms levelled at the first Wolvie flick, Jackman obviously wants to do things a little bit differently – and Aronofsky would certainly deliver something different...

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