Will Smith wants to be The Last Pharaoh

He was a superhero in Hancock this summer, but if Will Smith signs on to The Last Pharaoh, he might top that by playing a god.

Smith has apparently been itching to play Taharqa, better known as the Pharaoh who fought off Assyrian invaders attempting to take over ancient Egypt, reports Variety .

He’s gone so far as to bring Braveheart writer Randall Wallace on board to write the script. The eventual film will likely focus on the clashes Taharga had with Esarhaddon, the Assyrian leader.

While it’s taken years for Smith to get the tale even close to the screen, we’re guessing 300 helped kick start matters.

And perhaps he could hire former Independence Day collaborator and amateur Egyptologist / Stargate helmer Roland Emmerich to… On second thoughts, maybe best not.