Warzone Nebula Rounds explained

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The Warzone Nebula Rounds Field Upgrade has just arrived with Warzone Pacific Season 2, and it allows players to load up their weapon with deadly Nebula V gas bullets to damage and disorient enemies. You’ll be able to find this special Call of Duty Warzone ammunition in only a few new areas of Caldera that have been uncovered as part of the Axis gas production operation. If you do storm one of these facilities and get yourself some Warzone Nebula Rounds, we’ve got everything you need to know about how they work.

How Warzone Nebula Rounds work

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Warzone Nebula Rounds are a new Field Upgrade item available to any player. If you do find yourself a crate of Nebula Rounds, you can pick it up like any other Field Upgrade item in the game. Using it will then cause your Operator to load in some Nebula V gas bullets, which aren’t especially different to regular bullets, other than that they cause enemy players to leak a cloud of Nebula V gas if they are downed or killed by the Nebula bullets. This means Nebula Rounds are particularly effective against clustered opponents and will make it much harder for enemies to revive their downed teammates if they’re constantly choking on the noxious gas.

When you use your Warzone Nebula Rounds Field Upgrade, your Operator will automatically load in a fresh magazine made of only Nebula V bullets, which will also turn your HUD’s ammo counter green. Once you’ve burned through your magazine of Nebula Rounds, you’ll load in a regular magazine and will go back to a regular white ammo counter.

Note that the ammo only gets loaded into the weapon you’re currently holding and not both weapons. If you intend on using a particular weapon for your Nebula Rounds, make sure you’re holding it when you use the Field Upgrade. Since it always loads a full magazine, you’ll get more bang for your buck with weapons that have relatively large magazines, such as LMGs. Furthermore, if you reload your weapon while you’ve got Nebula Rounds loaded, any remaining Nebular Rounds will transfer to your next magazine and normal bullets will fill the rest, so don’t worry about losing Nebula Rounds by reloading.

The new ammo item has been introduced as part of Warzone Pacific Season 2 along with other Nebula V gas items, such as the Warzone PDS, which is a field upgrade that can directly counter any Nebula gas attacks, including from these bullets.

Where to find Warzone Nebula Rounds

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The Nebula Rounds Field Upgrade is quite rare and only really found in a few spots on the Warzone Caldera map. To maximize your chances of finding the toxic bullets, you need to search through crates in the new Chemical Factory Point of Interest (POI) in the north of the map – although it’s just referred to as ‘Factory’ in-game – or one of the seven hidden, underground Research Labs, which are roughly marked on the map with yellow, drawn-in circles on the map. Look out for Personal Decontamination Stations while you’re in these areas too.

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