Warzone map to be replaced by WW2 setting for Call of Duty: Vanguard, report claims

Call of Duty Warzone
(Image credit: Activision)

New rumors claim that the release of the now heavily leaked Call of Duty: Vanguard will bring a total map overhaul for Warzone. 

Reputable FPS leaker Tom Henderson hinted at the new map on Twitter (opens in new tab). "The next Warzone map will completely replace Verdansk and will take us to WW2," he said. "It's scheduled to launch on Call of Duty 2021's release date." In a reply, he clarified that this supposed shift will not take any existing weapons or skins out of the game, making it more a change of scenery than anything. Additionally, the big update rolling out alongside the alleged WW2 map would also introduce a new anti-cheat system for the game. 

Henderson didn't specify Vanguard directly, but the name of the next Call of Duty is an open secret at this point. Activision released a brief teaser poking fun at the mounting leaks and rumors surrounding the title just yesterday, which just so happened to be set to a now-deleted trailer. And the name of the game was also hinted at in a teaser for Warzone Season 5, with Japanese katakana in an image of the new operator Kitsune implying that "Vanguard is coming"

Warzone Season 5 has made relatively tame changes to the existing Verdansk map, but there's every chance the release of the next mainline Call of Duty could bring bigger additions – or in this case, replacements. Activision previously suggested that Warzone would serve as a platform for new Call of Duty games going forward, essentially folding them in as they arrive, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see Vanguard use the battle royale spinoff as a foothold for its launch. Nevertheless, this report remains unconfirmed for now. 

This Call of Duty rumor storm has kicked up on the heels of the Activision Blizzard lawsuit filed against the company by the California DEFH, which alleges a "frat boy" culture of harassment and discrimination, particularly against women. 

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