The first Call of Duty: Vanguard teaser is apparently a playful nod to recent leaks

COD ww2
(Image credit: Activision)

The first Call of Duty: Vanguard teaser seems to be a playful nod to recent rumors and leaks.

Activision, or potentially a rogue Call of Duty social media manager, took to Twitter to share what looks like the first footage from the next entry in the series, which is heavily rumored to be titled Call of Duty: Vanguard. The footage is actually from a since-deleted trailer that was leaked earlier today, which would suggest the leak is authentic.

The teaser isn't much, but we do get a panning view of a war-torn city being pelted by missiles from overhead fighter jets. The words "rumors" and "leaks" appear in front of each of the planes, seemingly an acknowledgment from Activision that, like most Call of Duty games, Vanguard hasn't exactly been a well-kept secret. The footage also seems to confirm the World War 2 setting that's been rumored for a while now.

Early on Thursday, images surfaced purporting to reveal parts of the long-rumored Call of Duty: Vanguard, including the title screen and open beta early access screen. Noted Call of Duty news source Charlie Intel shared the images, but some of them have been taken down. Regardless, the leak appears authentic, and the Call of Duty Twitter account all but added confirmation with today's teaser. Judging from the Twitter post above, we'll be seeing more of the new Call of Duty in the near future. 

Even before all of this, Call of Duty Warzone itself seemingly teased the rumored Vanguard in a new image, with the text "Vanguard is coming" appearing in Japanese.

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