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Warzone Leatherface house location: Where to find the residency of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre villain

The Warzone Leatherface house is a reference to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series of films, where Leatherface plays one of the main villains. He roams around with a chainsaw, killing people then wearing their faces. Pleasant bloke, in all honesty. His house has made an appearance in Call of Duty Warzone thanks to the latest Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event and players are wondering where exactly you can find it, amongst the Warzone Trick or Treat locations that are all over the map at the moment. Here's the Warzone Leatherface house location, so you can explore his domain for yourself.

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Warzone Leatherface house location

Warzone Leatherface house

(Image credit: Activision)

To find the Leatherface house location in Warzone, you need to go over to Krovnik Farmland on the far right-hand side of the map. The image above is a zoomed in view of the area; the circled house is Leatherface's house.

As you approach, you'll be able to see a ghostly Leatherface staring at you from the top window. Enter through the front door and you'll find bloody body parts scattered across the tables and kitchen worktops, along with blood smear marks on the floor.

Perk your ears up and you'll hear chainsaw noises coming from the upstairs too. Climb the stairs and you'll find not one, but two ghostly Leatherface figures. Don't worry though; these ones won't slice off your face, they're just there to creep you out.

Unfortunately, there's no reward to be had from visiting Leatherface's house, but it is a top quality Easter egg for any fans of the films. Of course, Leatherface is also in the game as a playable character, so it could be a hilarious prank if you play as Leatherface then lay in wait for an unsuspecting player to climb the stairs. While you can't use a chainsaw, you could use the Warzone Cleaver for an especially brutal kill.

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