Warzone Trick or Treat locations: Where to find them all and unlock the Pumpkin Punisher assault rifle

Warzone Trick or Treat locations pumpkin punisher
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As part of the Halloween update, the Warzone Pumpkin Punisher assault rifle is the reward everyone's after (along with zombies). If you find Trick or Treat boxes in Call of Duty Warzone — 16 in total — spread across the map, then you can unlock it. We've got all the details on how this spooky feature works, and all of the Trick or Treat locations so you can unlock the rewards, including the Warzone Pumpkin Punisher.  

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Warzone Trick or Treat boxes explained

We've got all of the Trick or Treat locations further down, but let us explain how this all works. There are 16 Trick or Treat boxes in total, and finding the "treat" in each one will net you a reward. The problem is, you might also find a "trick", in the form of a jump scare. You need to grab these during proper matches, so make sure the area is safe before you get shot running to grab a box.

You'll need to collect all 16 treats — unfortunately, getting the trick doesn't count, so take a look at the map below to see where you need to go. The locations are somewhat generalised, so explore each area until you find the box.

Warzone Trick or Treat locations

(Image credit: Activision)

Marked on the map are 15 of the 16 total locations you'll need to check out for the Trick or Treat boxes. The final one is on the train that chugs throughout the map, so you'll need to locate that and hop aboard to find the box.

Warzone Trick or Treat rewards

Above are all 16 rewards you can earn from  the Warzone Trick or Treat event. Some are a bit meh, like the Harvester and Ghoulish Gift emblems, but some — such  as the Cleaver melee weapon and Time of the Season watch — are badass.

Warzone Pumpkin Punisher assault rifle

(Image credit: Activision)

Eventually, when you've collected all 16 rewards pictured above, you'll unlock the Pumpkin Punisher assault rifle. This looks utterly excellent, kitted out in bright orange with a menacing smile on the side. Mow down your enemies in style.

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