Warner Bros buy second Wonder Woman script...

Despite the fact that Joss Whedon’s been working on his Wonder Woman script for, oooh, ages now, Warner Bros and Silver Pictures have got together to buy a new one from newbie scribes Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland.

But don’t worry, it’s not because Joss’ is rubbish – the reasons for the purchase are said to be legal; taking the spec script off the market in a pre-emptive move to remove any future possibility of being sued.

Despite the fact that Jennison and Strickland’s script is set during World War Two and Whedon’s places the Wonder Gal firmly in the modern world, there’s every chance that there’ll be some similarities between the two scripts – ‘Hey! It was OUR idea to give her that golden lasso!’ – so Warner Bros are just playing it safe, while Joss finishes his masterpiece.

But more than that, executives were said to be ‘impressed’ with the script, which bodes well for the pair’s future.

Whedon’s Wonder Woman is currently slated for a 2007 release, but, frankly, we don’t see that happening.