Venom 3 star teases "wild ride" as filming for the sequel comes to an end

Tom Hardy in Venom
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It looks like filming for the third and final movie in Sony's Venom series is coming to an end, as star Juno Temple confirms, teasing the "wild" upcoming anti-hero flick. 

In an interview with Variety On the Carpet at the 2024 SAG Awards, Temple revealed more about her experience in joining the super-alien trilogy. "We’re coming close to an end at the moment," Temple said. "It’s been a wild, wonderful ride. It’s so new to me. It’s a big set! This is crazy. It’s been so much fun and I got to work with such cool people. I’ve been so lucky in my career to just have the most incredible casts. I can’t wait for it to get out into the world. I think it’s going to be a good one."

The news that filming is almost over is certainly a sigh of relief for Venom fans after the stop-start nature of production due to the SAG-AFTRA strikes, which pushed Venom 3’s release date back 4 months.

Alongside Temple, whose character still remains unnamed, the cast includes newcomer Chiwetel Ejiofor in a mystery role, as well as lead Tom Hardy who is reprising his role as Eddie Brock.

Sony is keeping plot details for Venom 3 tightly under wraps, but if it picks up from where Venom 2 left off, we are sure in for a wild ride indeed. At the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, we saw Stephen Graham's Patrick Mulligan seemingly absorbing the powers of the villain Shriek, suggesting Graham may take shape as the next supervillain in the series. On top of this, Venom 2's post-credit scene, we saw Eddie and Venom get mysteriously transported to a universe where Tom Holland's Spider-Man exists. No Way Home's post-credits scene quickly whisked the pair back to their own universe, though a small piece of the symbiote was left behind in the MCU's mainline universe.

Venom 3 is due to hit theatres on November 8, 2024. Venom is ready to stream on Netflix right now, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage is available to rent on Amazon Video. For more, check out our list of the most exciting upcoming superhero movies heading your way in 2024 and beyond.  

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