Venom hits the fast track

Thanks to Heath Ledger, villains are hot right now. And as studios are never slow to hop aboard a bandwagon when they see it rattle into town, we’re not surprised that Sony has decided that it might want to get around to making a Venom film sooner rather than later.

That said, it’s not a solid proposition – the character hardly made a big impact in Spider-Man 3 and most fans agreed that the slimy alien symbiont wasn’t exactly well served by the movie. Still, the studio is pushing forward, looking for new writers to overhaul Jacob Estes’ script and whispering in the ears of agents, since they’re apparently not convinced that Spidey 3’s Topher Grace would be big enough to carry a big film by himself.

The Hollywood Reporter is watching out for alien beasties.

Source: ( The Hollywood Reporter )