Vasco gets his own Starfield action figure, but it costs more than an Xbox

Vasco action figure on a sandy planet
(Image credit: PureArts)

It's only been a week since Starfield dropped, but an action figure based on the RPG is already on its way.

A ⅙-scale articulated action figure of Vasco by PureArts (the folks behind a ton of props and collectibles, like this Assassin's Creed statue) is available to pre-order now ahead of its release at some point next year. Besides being recreated in all their glory, the Starfield robot companion weighs in at roughly one foot tall - it's 11.8 inches / 30cm. Thanks to its 15 points of articulation, this bit of Starfield merch is also more manoeuvrable than I am. Ideal for sitting on your desk or shelf to watch over you while you play, in other words.

Just a word of warning - this isn't the cheapest action figure on the market. You can check out the figure for yourself at the PureArts website, where it'll set you back a rather eye-watering $369. (Not exactly an impulse buy in terms of gifts for gamers, then - it's actually more expensive than an Xbox Series S.)

Still, it certainly looks detailed enough to warrant a larger price tag. Judging by the product photos, the level of detail and weathering is genuinely impressive - it's clear that a lot of effort has gone into this thing. 

If you're quick, you can get an exclusive version of Vasco that comes with a replica of 'the Artifact' too. There are only 150 copies of this special edition, so the early bird gets the robot worm.

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Benjamin Abbott
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