New Assassin's Creed statue is the best video game collectible we've seen… but it'll cost you $500

R.I.P. Altaïr 1/6 Scale Diorama on an atmospheric background
(Image credit: PureArts)

We've seen action figures that are so lifelike that websites post images thinking they're movie stills, but statues like the new Assassin's Creed Altaïr diorama is a new one on us. Depicting the OG assassin's skeleton after it's discovered by Ezio in Revelations, it's a total dead (no pun intended) ringer for the scene it's inspired by.

Fittingly called 'R.I.P. Altaïr,' this Assassin's Creed statue is a 1/6 scale diorama by PureArts and Ubisoft. It depicts Ezio Auditore paying his respects to the (very) late master in Masyaf's library and stands on a sculpted base featuring the Creed's iconic symbol. Much like Altaïr, it also has a secret - the memory seal in his skeleton's lap is actually an LED which glows an eerie yellow. In other words, it's the mother of all gifts for gamers.

You can take a look at R.I.P. Altaïr below.

However, all that's going to cost you in a very literal sense - the statue is a breezy $499.

R.I.P. Altaïr is available to pre-order from February 9 and will be available sometime in early 2024. Two versions are going up for sale; an Exclusive Edition with a wearable memory seal pendant and a standard one. Although there will only be 250 copies of the Exclusive Edition, it's still $499 direct from PureArts.

If you'd rather get the normal version of R.I.P. Altaïr, you'll still have to move quickly - only 1,250 are going to be made.

This isn't the only pricey collectible we've seen this week; Lego Lord of the Rings Rivendell is joining the best Lego sets on shelves soon.

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