Valheim water mill build won't grind your barley but does look gorgeous

Valheim water mill build by _-GH05T-
(Image credit: Valheim water mill build by _-GH05T-)

This beautiful Valheim water mill build will make you want to retire from the boss-slaying life to settle down and grind flour for a living - or at least get that going as a side gig.

The creation comes from Reddit user_-GH05T-, who also brought us that impeccable modern home build complete with glowing mushroom track lighting. This creation comes in at the other end of the modern/rustic spectrum, with rich details that tell the story of a trusty old mill that's been turning away beside the river for decades or maybe even centuries.

While _-GH05T- used a small selection of mods to aid in the task of construction (and in keeping monsters from tearing it down before they could finish), each piece of the project was laid by hand. Or by cursor, I guess. Anyway, the round gate and central window give the whole thing some nice hobbit vibes, but my favorite part is the carefully constructed, intricate inner workings of the mill itself.

No, you can't actually use this structure to automatically craft materials with the help of river power, but hopefully the developers at Iron Gate Studio are paying attention to this kind of community project when they think about their plans for future additions to Valheim. Speaking of which, the Valheim Hearth and Home update is still on track to arrive sometime in the third quarter of this year - that is, any time from July to September. We may not have to wait too much longer to get some new options for building out our humble little homes in the 10th realm, whether or not you have the in-game building skills to bust out a rad water mill.

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