Valheim video proves greylings can be nosy neighbors too

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio / landon1397)

Nosy neighbors are a thing even in Valheim, and a new video of a greyling inviting itself over to a player's home is one of the funniest things we've seen in a game full of impromptu comedy.

Reddit user landon1397 posted a brief video clip of the unexpected encounter to the Valheim subreddit, appropriately titled "hey nice place you got here." The video starts like any other pleasant domestic scene in Valheim (keep an eye on the Valheim Hearth and Home update for more of those), with a Viking working on the shelving in their storage room. Then they receive an unexpected guest. 

hey nice place you got here from r/valheim

The greyling just struts into the Viking's home like they're stopping by to check out a real estate open house. The jaunty way they bob into the home, swinging their arms from side to side, emits so much "I know I can't afford this place but I bet they have free cookies and water bottles inside" energy.

They briefly step into a side room - we can't tell what it is in the video, but I'm going to guess a rustic half-bath - turn around, and strut right back out. The status indicator over the greyling's head proves that they are at least somewhat aware of the homeowner's presence but they studiously avoid ever looking in the player's direction. I have never identified with a Valheim monster more.

Sometimes greylings are cool and trees are assholes, as this Valheim physics incident demonstrates.

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