Valheim reveals new building items, recipes, and a release window for Hearth & Home

Valheim food
(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

Valheim studio Iron Gate has finally given a release window for its next big update, as well as its first official confirmation of new items and mechanics that are on the way in the patch.

The Valheim Hearth and Home update is now set to arrive in the third quarter of 2021 according to the latest Steam community update from Iron Gate Studio  - so sometime in July, August, or September. It was originally planned to be one of four major updates for the early access game this year, but Iron Gate admits that's no longer feasible. The new plan is to start working on the big Valheim Mistlands update  (set to build out the eponymous biome, which currently exists in-game but is mostly desolate) immediately after work on Hearth & Home is done, skipping past smaller updates which were originally going to come between the two.

While Iron Gate was only able to make time for Hearth & Home starting in May (fixing issues revealed by the massive influx of players was the main priority before that), it was still able to share some first looks at new content coming in the update. That includes changes to how food works in game, with more emphasis on strategically balancing your boosts to health and stamina; the developers give the example of a tanky viking wanting to stack health, since it will also help you "deflect incoming hits and mitigate damage" - both of which are purely based on what gear you have in the current system.

New cooking stations including a spice rack, butcher table, and pots and pans which will increase your culinary options, with more than ten new recipes headed to the game. That includes "Eyescream," which sounds both terrifying and delicious - turning those piles and piles of Greydwarf eyes into a delicious frosty treat would be the ultimate revenge. Lastly, the developers teased new plantable onions and building pieces, including darkwood roofs and the long-awaited arrival of window hatches.

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