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Valheim mod introduces Skyrim-like magic spells and abilities

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

A new Valheim mod changes up the game's combat with the introduction of magic.

This new mod called SkyHeim, because it introduces the magic system not unlike the one in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Just below, you can check out gameplay of the mod in action in Valheim, courtesy of Eurogamer (opens in new tab).

"Skyheim is a magic mod aimed at providing balanced progression and a reason to go back and slay bosses," the mod description reads over on NexusMods (opens in new tab). "Each boss drops a crafting ingredient that can be used to craft and upgrade runes that will allow you to cast a variety of spells both beneficial and destructive."

From the sounds of things, it actually sounds like SkyHeim has a solid little gameplay loop established. You kill bosses to gain crafting items, which in turn can be used to craft runes that let wield different magical spells. Different bosses grant different crafting rewards for new spells, so there's plenty of reason to revisit bosses like The Elder, Bonemass, and others.

We've seen no shortage of player-created content from Valheim players over the last few weeks. Just last week, we saw one player making incredibly professional-looking trailers showcasing their impressive in-game farm, and another player managed to create a mod that drastically reduces the tedious nature of smelting. Valheim players, having mastered the game, are now turning their attention to building their own additions to the viking adventure game, which is very exciting.

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