Valheim console ports are "an option on the table"

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

Valheim could come to console at some point in the future, according to its developer's co-founder.

Speaking to GamesRadar+, Iron Gate's Henrik Tornqvist said that his team had been "discussing" the possibility of a console release for its viking-themed survival game. As of right now, Tornqvist says porting the game "is an option that is on the table," but no firm decision has been made, and there's no word on when new versions of the game might see the light of day.

Valheim launched into early access on Steam earlier this year, and swiftly became one of the PC platform's most successful titles ever, topping seven million sales in a matter of weeks. That success was an obvious boon for Iron Gate, but also threw up thousands of bugs for the team to fix, affecting the game's roadmap to the extent that its first update, Hearth & Home, only released earlier this month.

Valheim's success on PC means it's pretty likely to capture a console audience, but there's no word on whether Iron Gate will aim for last-gen or new-gen consoles. And with a full PC roadmap already in place, it seems unlikely that the developer will look to bring the game to any consoles until its full release, which the team says isn't expected until at least a year after release.

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