Up and running

School kids in America are taught all about Lewis And Clark’s famous expedition, charting chunks of the States in 1803. Mention their names to the average Brit pupil and chances are you’ll be told “they’re from Superman, innit?” Well, maybe not that last bit.

But that hasn’t stopped Phoenix Pictures from betting that a film based around their trip will have international appeal. Colter’s Run tells the story of John Colter, a guide who helped to lead the expedition before splitting off to pursue a career as a beaver trapper. He became successful, but his luck ran out when he was ambushed by the Blackfoot Indian tribe.

Carroll Ballard- who directed 2005’s Duma, but is probably better known for 1996’s goose-fest Fly Away Home - will handle the megaphone chores. And here’s the weird trivia note: the script was penned in 2000, which means it’s taken longer to trudge to the screen than Lewis and Clark’s journey required. They travelled for… anybody? Anyone? Four years.

Let’s hope the film is a little quicker to shoot...