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Uncharted: Golden Abyss collectibles guide

Chapter 9

Glyph 1: Aspect of Cuozicaltli

This glyph is in the same room in which you begin the chapter. Check this table.

Treasure 1: Hair Brush

After the first firefight, a large door will open and a shotgun-wielding baddy will enter. Take him out, but instead of going through the large door, look for a smaller door to the right. Go through this door and immediately turn left. Check the drawer here for a treasure.

Glyph 2: Aspect of Huixontonal

After battling the two shotgun-wielding baddies, another large door will open. Pass through the doorway, but instead of going up the stairs, turn right and get this glyph from the corner of the room.

Photo 1: Radio Free Panama

Climb the first set of stairs, but don’t follow Chase up the second when she says “Guerro’s office is up these stairs.” Instead, head right and into the nearby room for a photo op.

Photo 2: Transporting Explosives

After the short cutscene in which Drake notices the boxes of dynamite, stand near the dangling chain and a photo prompt should appear.

Treasure 2: Guerro’s Account Books

After climbing the dangling chain and leaping into the room on the second floor, check this table along the right wall for a treasure.

Photo 3: IOA Survey Map

From treasure two, move to the nearby door and open it, allowing Chase to enter. After the scene, climb the ladder and walk over to the large map on the wall for a photo op. This isn’t found automatically, but you have to take the photo to proceed.

Chapter 10

Glyph 1: Aspect of Omatihictoya

After the sniping portion, climb up the nearby ladder (boost Chase up first) and turn right to find a glyph on the ground near some machinery.

Photo 1: Don’t Bathe Here

From Glyph 1, turn around and walk towards the railing. If you stand where the screenshot shows, a photo prompt will appear.

Photo 2: A Forgotten Revolution

Drop off the building into some tall grass (where Chase is waiting) and turn left. Loop around the side of the building and walk to the edge of the river. A photo prompt will appear.

Glyph 2: Aspect of Darkness

Go back to where you dropped down into the grass and head right this time. In the corner, where the building and the fence meet, you’ll find this glyph.