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Uncharted: Golden Abyss collectibles guide

Chapter 30

Treasure 1: Statuette of Yatiahaunico

Soon after chapter 30 begins, you’ll have to use some yellow handholds to get down to Chase. When you hit the ground, instead of running towards Chase, run in the opposite direction and climb up the grey ledge (pictured above).

Treasure 2: Statuette of Itixli

This treasure can be found a few feet away from the body with the teal headdress (after the cutscene).

Photo 1: Lake of Ghosts

As you continue with the chapter, this photo prompt is unavoidable. It appears at the top of a long staircase.

Treasure 3: Statuette of Tehtzicatli

After you step out of the canoe, go up the stairs. The camera will turn to face the puzzle, but you want to walk towards the lower right corner of the screen. Walk into the corner until the treasure prompt appears.

Chapter 31

Treasure 1: Statuette of Poyoclixicaya

As soon as the chapter begins, walk up the stairs and continue forward into the corner up ahead. There’s a treasure on the ground there.

Treasure 2: Statuette of Exhualticano

From treasure 1, continue through the archway and hang a right. Drop onto the wooden platform and grab this treasure.

Charcoal Rubbings 1-2

Continue on until a cutscene triggers (just after climbing up a short ledge). After the scene, turn around and investigate the two golden columns. One is standing and the other is lying horizontally.

Charcoal Rubbing 3-4

Continue on until you find another pair of gold columns. Like the previous two, only one is standing. Rub both.

Photo 1: Throne of Gold

After the cutscene involving the throne of gold, a photo prompt will appear on screen.

Treasure 3: Statuette of Comecatlotec

From photo 1, instead of climbing the stairs up to the throne, check the right side of them. Behind a broken column you’ll find a treasure.

Charcoal Rubbings 5-8

Go up the stairs but do not approach the throne (doing so triggers a cutscene that ends the chapter). Instead, look for the gray handholds lining each of the four massive columns surrounding the throne. Climb up each column to obtain rubbings.