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Uncharted: Golden Abyss collectibles guide

Chapter 25

Charcoal Rubbings 1-2

In the area where you encounter the first group of enemies, clear them out, then turn to face Sully. You can climb up the side of the two columns on the left to get a rubbing from each.

Charcoal Rubbing 3-4

The two columns to the right cannot be scaled without first hopping onto shorter, nearby stone blocks.

Treasure 1: Marcos’s Compass

Before giving Sully a boost, drop of this ledge and climb down to find this treasure in the corner.

Carving 1: Emblem of Song

After you boost Sully and follow him up, you’ll run into three enemies. Check the wall to the right of this section for a carving.

Charcoal Rubbing 5

Round the next two corners and climb onto the top of this massive tower. You can get a rubbing from the altar in the center. You’ll have to get it after the cutscene.

Chapter 26

Charcoal Rubbing 1

Drop down off the platform on which you began the chapter and hug the right side of the area. When you run into a wall, a rubbing prompt should appear. Notice Drake’s position in relation to the floodlight.

Charcoal Rubbing 2

From rubbing 1, turn around and walk just a few feet over to this crumbled statue.

Treasure 1: Barrote Style Nails

Climb up the tower which has the floodlight in front of it. Leap from this tower to the west, which is the one Drake is facing in this screenshot.

Carving 1: Emblem of Itzlihautzin

After the cutscene where Drake and Sully jump, turn around and look for some handholds. Climb around and drop down into this alcove to find a carving.

Treasure 2: Friar Marcos’s Ring

From carving one, turn around, but don’t jump back up to the handhold. Instead, follow the ledge to the left and drop down where you can and descend all the way down. When you finally touch down in some water, walk towards the camera to find this treasure.

Charcoal Rubbings 3-4

After you catch up to Sully, you’ll be attacked by a group of baddies. Clear the area, then look for these two snake statues. Each one has something to rub.

Carving 2: Emblem of Yatilicoyapoca

After the cutscene where Sully and Drake hash out their plan, kill all of the enemies, then backtrack up the stairs from which you came. Along the way, to your right, there’s a bamboo patch. Cut through it to find a carving.

Charcoal Rubbing 5

Head over to the chopper. It is pointing almost directly at a wall that contains a symbol ripe for rubbing.

Carving 3: Emblem of Itzicaltli

Run in the direction that the chopper’s tail is pointing. Off to your left, at the foot of a lone column, is a carving.

Charcoal Rubbings 6-7

Just like earlier in the chapter, these two snake statues can be rubbed.

Carving 4: Emblem of Tecatohuatli

Head into the temple, take out the enemies, then hop over the short wall to your right to find a carving.

Charcoal Rubbings 8-9

As you continue into the temple you’ll see this lighted column. To the left of this column are two spots that can be rubbed.