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Uncharted: Golden Abyss collectibles guide

Chapter 32

Treasure 1: The Monkey

As you’re climbing the chapter’s first rope, look for this grey ledge about halfway up. Leap to it, walk through the doorway to your right, then turn right again to find this treasure on the ground in the corner.

Treasure 2: Cipactil

Take out the minigun-wielding baddy, then jump from the rope to where he was standing. Walk until you hit a dead end, then check the ground on your right for a treasure.

Treasure 3: The Serpent

Jump back to the rope and climb up further. Jump to the ledge and walk up the first set of stairs. Instead of turning right and going up another set, turn left to find a small room. The treasure is inside on the ground.

Treasure 4: Kwametochitli

After obtaining the GP32-BND (grenade pistol), you’ll have to leap to another rope. Instead of climbing up, use it to reach the far ledge. Follow this path until you hit a canvas. Cut through it, then look for a treasure on the ground.

Treasure 5: The Tapir

Go back to the rope and climb to the top level. Kill all the enemies, then run past where the minigun-wielding baddy was standing into a small room. You’ll find a treasure on the ground in this small room.

Treasure 6: Statuette of Mixuatchi

After section where you climb down a rope and take out some baddies, you’ll have to ascend a huge staircase that leads into a room. As soon as you enter, check a crate on the right side for a treasure.

Chapter 33

Treasure 1: The Quetzal

You’ll reach a spot where Chase climbs a rope while some enemies attack you from a high ledge to the left. Kill the enemies, but instead of following chase, run along the path underneath where the enemies were attacking. Check the ground where the path ends to find a treasure.

Treasure 2: The Dog

After climbing up a wall via two yellow handholds, two enemies will attack from across a gap. Take them out, but before jumping across the gap, check behind one of the crates where you’re standing.

Treasure 3: The Ocelot

After shimmying across what was once a bridge (until a falling boulder ruined things), continue on until you reach a fallen column. Don’t cross over it yet. Instead, turn around and look for these two grey handholds. From these you can leap across to a platform that contains a treasure.

Treasure 4: The Armadillo

After jumping from the massive stalactite to the next ledge, climb up and continue on until you notice a small grey spot to your left where the path curves. You can drop down here to find a treasure near some crates.

Chapter 34

Treasure 1: The Changeling

As soon as the chapter beings, run straight across the bridge, then take a right (Drake’s right). Follow the stone path until you find a treasure.

Treasure 2: The Jaguar

After killing Guerro and dropping from the rope, turn right before meeting up with Chase and follow this path until you find the game’s final treasure on the ground.